Interaction Design in the Wild - Sonia Zhang's Portfolio

I am an anthropology student trying to make sense of interaction design for animals.

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Welcome. Make yourself at home.

This is my portfolio website for the course “Interaction Design in the Wild”. And my first website ever! I am an anthropology student trying to figure out interaction design, technology, boundaries between humans and non-humans… I also want to learn as much as I can on how to make a website, a project, a thing, anything.

Here are the links to my projects.

Week 2 - Reading Response to “Anthropomorphism and Anthropodenial”

Week 3 - My First Experience with Ethograms

Week 4 - The Clumsiest Empathy Machine

Week 5 - A Sketch of an Animal Enrichment Proposal

Week 6 - Enrichment? Conversation? A Bird Hotel Prototype

Week 7 - Zoo Visit and second ethogram

Week 7 - Observing interactions at a cat cafe

Week 8 - Playing with crows for mid-term

Week 9 - Midterm: A {MYSTERIOUS} Functioning Prototype

Week 10 - Midterm Prototype and Field-Testing

Week 12 - Final Proposals

week 13 - Iteration I - Gone With the Wind

final week - curiosity box updated